Legislative News

911 Program Office moves under DOJ.   Stay tuned for updates.

House joint resolution 14 passed the House and Senate overwhelmingly in support of reclassifying Public Safety Dispatchers into the protective service classification.  Representative Frank Garner from Kalispell sponsored the resolution giving passionate testimony on behalf of dispatchers in Montana.  Frank will continue to work on issues for dispatchers including 20 year or reduced retirement benefits.  

Montana legislation 2021

HJR 14--Public Safety Telecommunicator--Sponsored by Frank Garner Kalispell
Urges congress to categorize public safety telecommunicators as a protective service occupation under the federal Standard Occupational Classification System
Enacted 04/26-2021

S 14--Tribal Participation in 911 Grant Program--Sponsored by Ellis
Provides for tribal participation in 911 grant program.  

H 50--911 Funding to State Library-Sponsored by Frank Garner Kalispell
Redistributes 911 funding to State Library

S 81--Prepaid Wireless in 911 Tax--Regier
Revises 911 fees, requires the payment of 911 fees for prepaid wireless services, establishes how 911
fees are imposed on services, establishes a process for the collection of 911 fees.


(Taken from Ncsl.org)

Federal Legislation
911Saves Act reintroduction 2021

911Protect Act 2021-introduced